Vehicle Loans

As of January 1, 2017

Vehicles that have a title may be used as collateral.  *The following charges will be applied to those loans involving collateral. Title fees ($11.00)/Lien Perfection fees ($2.50) will be added to the loan amount when applicable and sent to the appropriate agencies when the loan is processed.*

Model YearTermRate
2017-201672 months2.9%
2015-201460 months4.5%
2013-201154 months5.5%
2010-200948 months6.5%
2008 and earlier36 months7%

Signature Loans


Up to 36 months and $3000 per individual.

Ask for lending policy for details.

Share Loans

2.0% Above Dividends. Presently 2.6%.

Dividend Rate

0.6% yearly (with 0.6% apy).

Set at the end of each quarter.